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Season 1
Season 1
  • Jacuzzi Surfer - A Change of Pace - Surfing Blacks

    This video is a little slower that the others edits I've made. Trying some new ways of thinking, and new ways of doing these!  Trying to mix it up a bit!

  • Jacuzzi Surfer - Carnage - The Wedge

    This day we went to the World Famous WEDGE!  Always a good time at the Wedge!  Plenty of carnage, plenty of laughs!

  • Jacuzzi Surfer - Surfing Blacks Beach - April 420

    This was another killer day at Blacks!  Happy 420 everybody!

  • Jacuzzi Surfer - Sail Boat Wrecked on Black Beach

    This was one of the strangest days out there so far.  Came across a sail boat that wrecked on the beach right below the hut!  Not sure what happened, but that dudes day just got a little harder.

  • Jacuzzi Surfer - Tow Surfing Nazare - Biggest Waves Ever Surfed

    No words can describe the feeling you get when you gaze in to the mesmerizing surf of Nazare.  It seems to hypnotize your senses, and leave you with the feeling similar to watching a train crash!

  • Jacuzzi Surfer - Nazare - The Widowmaker

    This was the first day of filming here in Nazare, Portugal.  Such an amazing place to experience.  Something you have to see for yourself.

  • Jacuzzi Surfer - Seeing is Believing! - Sunsets

    This video is about the Sunsets we've experienced here in San Diego for the last few weeks of winter in 2017.

  • Jacuzzi Surfer - Best Dolphins Surfing Waves

    The waves were SURPRISINGLY great this day!  We also had some local surfers (Dolphins)  join the line up!

  • Jacuzzi Surfer - Surfing with Whales

    I had the rare opportunity to film these BEAUTIFUL Grey Whales!  They are so amazing to watch how playful they are with the resident dolphins!

  • Jacuzzi Surfer - Surf in Fog

    This was some of the thickest fog I've seen at Blacks Beach in a while!  It brought some clean conditions, but the swell wasn't quite what we all go crazy for.  Found that same pod of dolphins playing past the breakers again!

  • Jacuzzi Surfer - Winter Surf

    This is a video about how COLD and DARK Southern California Beaches can get during winter. HOWEVER, it won't stop an addicted surfer from having the time of their lives out there!

  • Jacuzzi Surfer - Bodysurfing Hydrodynamics - Mark Drewelow

    This is a short video about an amazing Bodysurfer, Mark Drewelow.  He has pioneered a new way of bodysurfing that brings fin swimming together with bodysurfing, creating an amazing underwater experience!

  • Jacuzzi Surfer - Whales Surfing in California

    This was one of the largest number of Grey Whales I've seen at Blacks Beach.  They just hung out and watched the waves come in.

  • Jacuzzi Surfer - Winter Swell - Best Surfing in the World!

    The California Winter Swell is one of the most sought after seasons in surfing.  The whole coastline pulses with amazing conditions.

  • Jacuzzi Surfer - Perfect Day Surfing Barrels

    This was one of those “Perfect Days” that you read about.  Glassy, clear blue water, with perfectly shaped waves that just make you want to sing!

  • Jacuzzi Surfer - Surfing with Dolphins

    On January 24, 2017 I finally got the footage I've been waiting for!  I've always been a step behind these dolphins, and have missed them by seconds!  These dolphins weren't in a hurry to leave at all.

  • Jacuzzi Surfer - The Storm

    This has been the biggest storm to hit the Southern California area in many years.  There may have been bigger sets in years past, but this has been the some of the biggest stuff we've seen in MANY years!

  • Jacuzzi Surfer - Perfect Storm - Blacks Beach

    Less than 1 month into 2017 and San Diego has already been hammered with surf. Southern California has had no shortage of swells this El Nino season with multiple double overhead XL days this year already.

  • Jacuzzi Surfer - Attessa IV Mega Yacht

    The Attessa IV is one of the most extraordinary yachts on the planet.  In this video, you'll see how the Captain navigates his way in through the tight opening of the Marina Del Rey.  Only the most skilled Skippers can operate a ship to this degree.

  • Jacuzzi Surfer - Windansea Beach - Worst "Best" Wave

    Windansea has a history of having some great waves... but only a few times a year.  The rest of the time Windansea is moderate to decent.  Some of the best waves I've seen in Southern California have been at Windansea.  Its a lot like chasing the end of a rainbow.

  • Jacuzzi Surfer - Mark Drewelow - Moonlight Beach

    This video is about Mark Drewelow, and the best technique in bodysurfing filmed from above.  Mark has perfected his skills with years of training on a swim team, waterpolo, and many years of bodysurfing all over the world.

  • Jacuzzi Surfer - Pro Surfer Kei Kobayashi in Mexico

    This was an epic trip to Mexico with this legendary Kei Kobayashi.  Kei is on track to compete in the 2020 Olympics, where surfing will make is premier debut.  A hard charger out of San Clemente, Kei gets his training sessions in at Lower Trestles and other neighboring San Clemente waves.

  • Jacuzzi Surfer - Surfing San Elijo State Beach

    After the hard decision of "What beach do I go to today" I made it up to San Elijo State Beach.  This beach is awesome!  There's plenty of places to camp, surf, and EAT!!!

  • Jacuzzi Surfer - Mark Drewelow - Blacks Beach

    This is Mark Drewelow, a bodysurfer determined to change the game of bodysurfing as we know it.  Integrating Fin-Swiming and Bodysurfing, to create the ultimate thrill ride!

  • Jacuzzi Surfer - Surfing Ocean Beach

    This video showcases the Ocean Beach Jetty.  A very technical Right-Hander that should only be riden by people that are confident with their abilities.  Sitting right on the edge of the Rivermouth, its known to have to hollow barrels and steep faces, with the correct conditions.

  • Jacuzzi Surfer - Surfing Sunset Cliffs

    The best sunsets in San Diego are right here at Sunset Cliffs.  If you ever want to surf during a killer sunset, make sure you hit up Garbage Break in Sunset Cliffs.  It's a little bit of a paddle once you get in the water, but well worth it.

  • Jacuzzi Surfer - Aerial Footage - Blacks Beach

    This video is my first drone video. Still learning how to fly it.

  • Jacuzzi Surfer - Surfing with Pro Surfer Kei Kobayashi - Lowers

    This is one talented dude!  A REAL up and comer!  Kai has really been putting himself out there, and training like a true champion.  No days off for this guy!  He is planning on competing in the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.  It's a real pleasure to watch an athlete of this caliber doing what they love.  I really don't want to record Kei when he's surfing, I want to sit and watch!  Give me some popcorn and a lawn chair!

  • Jacuzzi Surfer - Hurricane Eugene Swell - The Wedge

    Today we headed up to THE WEDGE!  The conditions were really fun, and we saw some killer waves, and wipeouts!

  • Jacuzzi Surfer - Rob Machado

    The smallest, choppiest waves are turned graceful, and flawless only by some.  Rob Machado is the true Volturnus (Roman God of Waters).  Where you or I will stay home on days like this, Rob will still be drawn to the swell.    On top of being one of the worlds greats, Rob Machado is also one of the most humble and welcoming people I've come across.

  • Jacuzzi Surfer - Clean Surf at Blacks Beach

    This was one of the CLEANEST days I've seen at Blacks Beach. Crystal Blue Sky, and mirror-like water! It was almost a dream!

  • Jacuzzi Surfer - The Wedge - 1 to 3 Foot Day

    Had to catch a piece of the SSW thats been hitting the Wedge recently! This clearly wasnt the biggest day on record, but some really good shaped waves for whompin!

  • Jacuzzi Surfer - Surfing Seaside

    A typical day here at Seaside, Groms, Pros, Pro-Groms, and everything in-between! The conditions can be a bit elusive at times, but when it's good, its really good! Not what you'd call a "secret-wave" or "hidden spot", being as its right next to the Pacific Coast Highway, and you can literally see the waves as you drive by.

  • Jacuzzi Surfer - Surfing Blacks Beach - Drone Footage

    Another amazing day at Blacks Beach! The swells that have been rolling through have been so fun to film, and to surf in.

  • Jacuzzi Surfer - Blacks Perfect Storm - Part 2

    Today was one of those weird days, where everything was perfect, but terrifying. With waves reaching 20 feet, Blacks was turning in to something out of a horror movie. Broken boards, broken leashes, but no broken spirits. No matter how hard the beating these surfers took, they kept paddling back out for more. There's nothin quite like a black eye from Blacks Beach!

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