Meals Fit For A King

In South Korea, three-Michelin starred restaurant Gaon serves food inspired by traditional flavours of Korea's culture. Chef Kim wants to pay homage to the country's natural ingredients while creating unique dishes.

Remarkable Living

Season 3
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Season 3
  • Remarkable Living S02 E01 - Suits Made For A Prince

    Watch how a Thai designer infuses jewellery with perfume, a Turkish chef uses food to nourish the soul, a Portuguese tailor who suited Prince Charles and a 43,000sqft home as a Grand Prix circuit.

  • Remarkable Living S02 E02 - Great Big Petit Ideas

    Enter the world of petit, where unused materials from Hermes workshops are made into whimsical items of fancy. Also, meet Thailand's first female winemaker and a chef who champions Lisbon's seafood.

  • Remarkable Living S02 E03 - Happiness is Thai Chocolate

    Watch how two lawyers gave up their high-flying jobs to start Bangkok's first bean-to-bar chocolate cafe and how a Vietnamese designer creates textiles from nuts, wood and cotton.

  • Remarkable Living S02 E04 - Where the wild things are

    Explore northern Kyoto's mountains where a Japanese chef forages daily for fresh produce, Turkish sisters create fantasy worlds on silk scarves and a collector who wears history with her outfits.

  • Remarkable Living S02 E05 - Keeping Legacies Alive

    Meet the guardians who keep the tradition of handcrafting Japanese umbrellas, a couple aiming to run a zero-carbon footprint restaurant and a Vietnamese fashion designer who only makes classic outfits.

  • Remarkable Living S02 E06 - Food is Pleasure

    Meet a Singaporean chef redefining Taiwanese cuisine with Nordic influences, a Japanese artisan whose wooden buckets are used by Dom Perignon and a Thai designer creating bespoke selvedge denim wear.

  • Remarkable Living S02 E07 - Heaven On Earth

    Explore the hot springs in Beitou, Taiwan known for its rich, healing properties, meet the Japanese tempura chef who imagines food as theatre and a Turkish designer who makes jewellery for the stars.

  • Remarkable Living S02 E08 - Using The Softest Water

    Meet a chef who uses the 'softest' water in Kyoto to create Michelin-starred dishes, a leather craftsman in Taiwan hand stitches his products and visit one of Osaka's natural radium hot spring ryokans.

  • Remarkable Living S02 E09 - A Hand Made Tale

    Meet the last glove maker in Lisbon who hand stitches every pair, a Taiwanese chef who specialises in fine French cuisine and a knife making studio who's been around the past hundred years.

  • Remarkable Living S02 E10 - Art Is Life

    Explore the mecca of contemporary art and architecture in Naoshima, indulge in tasty Turkish sweets at a 240-year-old confectionery and meet a collector who's on a mission to save heritage timepieces.

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