Trail of Ten Falls

It’s crazy how many waterfalls there are in Oregon, and we love chasing them! When we heard that there was a single hike that passes by ten falls, it went to the top of our list!

Journy-Local Adventurer

Season 1
Season 1
  • Local Adventurer - Yosemite Snowshoeing

    When we heard that there was going to be Instameet at Yosemite National Park, we knew it was the perfect excuse to make it up there during winter. We’ve always wanted experience a Yosemite winter, but quite frankly we’ve been too intimidated to drive in snow!

  • Local Adventurer - Iceland Recap

    Although most people visit Iceland during the summer when the landscape is lush and green, our main goal was to see the Northern Lights there.

  • Local Adventurer - Joshua Tree Bouldering

    We just started getting into bouldering this year after our neighbors in San Diego took us for the first time.

  • Local Adventurer - Cribs Airstream Edition

    We’re finally settled into our Airstream, and we cleaned up the place enough to give you a proper tour!

  • Local Adventurer - America is Weird and We Like It

    We’re so excited that we get to kick off the Endless Caravan campaign with Airstream. It’s a dream come true. I know we’ve been dropping hints and talking about living on the road for a couple years, but we can’t believe it’s finally happening!

  • Local Adventurer - Discovering Fallon Nevada

    We just got back from a fun weekend in Fallon, which is a small town an hour east of Reno Nevada. It’s a place we normally would have driven right through, but as you know, we’re all about finding hidden gems and great local spots.

  • Local Adventurer - Havasupai

    The waterfalls within the Havasupai Indian Reservation in Arizona come straight from a dream. The turquoise waters surrounded by towering canyons is worth the effort to get there. Havasupai means people of the blue-green waters. The Havasupai Tribe manages the land and there are multiple checkpoints once you arrive at Supai Village. Many think it’s part of the Grand Canyon, but it’s actually a side canyon called Havasu Canyon and is outside of the National Park.

  • Local Adventurer - 48 Hours in Nashville

    What do you prioritize when you visit a new a new city? We usually prioritize two things: food and photos

  • Local Adventurer - Diving with Whale Sharks

    Did you know that you can snorkel or dive with whale sharks at the Georgia Aquarium?

  • Local Adventurer - Trail of Ten Falls

    It’s crazy how many waterfalls there are in Oregon, and we love chasing them! When we heard that there was a single hike that passes by ten falls, it went to the top of our list!

  • Local Adventurer - Cappadocia

    We spent a week in Turkey, and the highlight of the trip was easily the Cappadocia hot air balloon ride. It’s been on my bucket list for ages, and it was such a special surprise that not only did we get to see them but we got to go up in one!

  • Local Adventurer - One Second A Day

    2016 was an incredible year! We filmed 1 second of video every day to give you a glimpse of what it looked like.

  • Local Adventurer - Seattle Museums

    We just got back from a whirlwind of museums this past weekend. The Seattle area has over 40 museums with a wide range of interest and topics. We’ve had a chance to check out 10 of them.

  • Local Adventurer - The Ultimate Oregon Coast Road Trip

    We did the ultimate road trip down the Oregon Coast with Travel Oregon – all 363 miles of it. It was epic!

  • Local Adventurer - Travel Nevada

    We lived in Las Vegas for a year exploring the area, but we never got around to exploring the rest of the state. During a week long visit, we decided to do two of the classic Nevada road trips: The Great Basin Highway & Highway 50 aka the Loneliest Road in America.

  • Local Adventurer - Hiking Patagonia

    We just got back from our Patagonia Winter hike and can’t stop thinking about how amazing of an experience it was. Shortly after our encounter with the Andean Deer, we learned that they are endangered and extremely rare to come across. Our guide has hiked the trail over 200 times and saw them only one other time.

  • Local Adventurer - How to Contruct a Yurt

    We really enjoyed staying in yurts so we learned how to make one.

  • Local Adventurer - The Art of Felt Carpet

    Ever wanted to learn, see, or try to build a yurt on your own? The Ak Orgo Yurt Building Experience is a great way to see how intricate these structures are. You can also make a custom felt carpet at this workshop.

  • Local Adventurer - Discover Kyrgyzstan

    Kyrgyzstan is still growing as a tourist location, especially to Americans. It’s currently more popular amongst Russians, Europeans, and Japanese tourists.

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