Chasing the Sun: Watch For Free on Journy

Chasing the Sun: Watch For Free on Journy

Chasing the Sun follows adventure-seeker, former Pro surfer, and international model Stephen Jake Friedman (The Blueprint on Fox Networks) as he travels the world. The series tells stories through the locals Stephen meets.

In season 2, co-produced with JOURNY, Stephen travels throughout Asia, including stops in Malaysia, Vietnam, Bali, South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, and India.

Stream Season 2 for free on Journy.

Chasing The Sun

Season 2
Season 2
Season 1
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  • Chasing The Sun: Asia S02 E01 - Hong Kong

    Whether street art and tofu or Bruce Lee and the Star Ferry, Hong Kong is a city overflowing with art and history. Stephen learns about its secrets from locals and expats.

  • Chasing The Sun: Asia S02 E02 - Vietnam

    Stephen immerses himself in local culture, learning about generations worth of traditions from barber shops to mask-making.

  • Chasing The Sun: Asia S02 E03 - Bali

    Island of the Gods. With Bali’s ecological majesty as our backdrop, we find people working hard to make a difference in their community and coming together to save the planet.

  • Chasing The Sun: Asia S02 E04 - India

    From an indie musician in Mumbai to a skate community rallying together to help local children, Stephen finds the personal stories of art and perseverance in a community of 1.3 billion people.

  • Chasing The Sun: Asia S02 E05 - Malaysia

    Where else can you find a beach full of cats after shopping in a vintage vinyl store in the heart of the city or watch a shadow puppet show after having a home-cooked meal prepared by two entrepreneurs?

  • Chasing The Sun: Asia S02 E06 - Taiwan

    From urban bustle to tranquil beaches, Taiwan has a soul and culture all its own. Creativity abounds in its people, not to mention the greatest vegan food in the world.

  • Chasing The Sun: Asia S02 E07 - South Korea

    Explore a place where it’s illegal to be a tattoo artist and the people living in a rapidly changing culture. A place where GPS limitations mean the possibilities to get lost in music and art are endless.

  • Chasing The Sun: Asia S02 E08 - Japan

    Land of the rising sun and the fastest trains in the world that takes us from skateboarders to drag queens and one of the last remaining old-world jazz bars. We meet a chalk artist and a sculptor who makes art with a bite (aka: real teeth).

    Not available.
  • Stephen Friedman

    Stephen Friedman


    Stephen Friedman

    Stephen was born in South Africa. A former professional surfer and male model, he made his mark in the television and film industry by creating, producing, and selling his first title (The Blueprint) to Fox Networks at the age of 23.

    A subsequent move to London resulted in the founding of his company Save Your Day Films. His latest travelogue TV series, called Chasing the Sun, premiered on Nat Geo in March 2017 with Stephen as host and producer. Save Your Day Films has dozens of projects in development and preproduction, covering reality TV, animation, documentaries, and features.

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