Travel by Dart is a series that features countries that are not necessarily top tourist attractions. However, Sorin finds all the hidden gems that make a region stand out.

Travel By Dart

Season 1
Season 1
Season 2
  • Travel By Dart S02 E01 - Galapagos

    During his trip to Costa Rica in Season 1, Sorin threw a dart at the map and hit the ocean right between the Galapagos Islands and Ecuador. As a result, he embarked on a journey to visit both places, as Ecuador governs the famous islands.

  • Travel By Dart S02 E02 - Ecuador

    After having the time of his life in the Galapagos islands, Sorin moves to mainland Ecuador.

  • Travel By Dart S02 E03 - Amazon Jungle

    This episode is the most picturesque part of the Travel by Dart series. Sorin dives deep into the Amazon jungle, where - through complex arrangements - meets the Aorani tribe.

  • Travel By Dart S02 E05 - Columbia

    Colombia is the country known for being the land of the infamous drug leader Pablo Escobar. Sorin takes a unique approach to the present situation and features a Pablo Escobar Medellin tour, introducing the viewer to the places he lived, was incarcerated, and where he was shot down.

  • Travel By Dart S02 E08 - Argentina

    The Argentina episode is one of a kind. Sorin discovers a country that he falls in love with, despite a critical economic situation that it's going through.

  • Travel By Dart S02 E09 - Curacao

    Sorin decides to spice up the dart-throwing ceremony again and invites other people to do it on his behalf. At the same time, they spend some adventurous time in the former Netherland Antile, Curacao.

  • Travel By Dart S02 E11 - Maldives - Part 2

    The islands' beauty is also featured in this second part of the Maldives trip. Only this time, Sorin gets to spend some time with new friends while they go through unforgettable experiences.

  • Travel By Dart S01 E01 - The First Dart Throw

    Host Sorin Mihailovici throws the dart at the world map in an incredible setting: a 400-year-old temple located in Berhampore, India. Joined by his sidekick Matt Liberto, Sorin explains how Travel by Dart started and why it is essential to his life.

  • Travel By Dart S01 E02 - Eastern Island - Part 1

    After an arduous trip, the Travel by Dart team arrives on Easter Island from Chile. The hosts discover the mystery of the world's most remote island, while the episode is packed with history, inspiration, and action shots.

  • Travel By Dart S01 E03 - Eastern Island - Part 2

    As Sorin and Matt survive the 'welcome party' from the previous episode, they will befriend everyone on the island, including Miguel - a typical Polynesian giant that nobody messes around with.

  • Travel By Dart S01 E04 - Indonesia

    After the Easter Island unforgettable visit, Sorin throws a new dart at the world map. He hits Indonesia and decides to arrange the trip's timeline exactly around his best friend’s (Matt Liberto) birthday.

  • Travel By Dart S01 E05 - Bermuda

    Sorin and Matt split ways, so Sorin decides to throw a new dart at a map and take on the world by himself. And, wow, what an enigmatic location is now on the horizon: the Bermuda Triangle!

  • Travel By Dart S01 E06 - Portugal

    While in Bermuda, during the last episode, Sorin threw a new dart at the world map and hit Portugal. The dart landed in the Atlantic Ocean, but the closest country was Portugal.

  • Travel By Dart S01 E07 - Uruguay

    This episode is probably the most random travel show you will ever see but - at the same time - one of the most complete when it comes to Uruguay's traditions and customs.

  • Travel By Dart S01 E08 - Cuba - Part 1

    During his trip to Uruguay, Sorin Mihailovici threw a new dart at the world map and hit Cuba in a dreamy setup.

  • Travel By Dart S01 E09 - Cuba - Part 2

    The incredible Cuba trip continues with a visit to one of the most colorful cities in the world, Trinidad, where Sorin finds the human Google version.

  • Travel By Dart S01 E10 - Costa Rica

    Spanish is one of the languages that Sorin speaks, so when it comes to countries that he visits for Travel by Dart, a Latino region is a gift.

  • Travel By Dart S01 E11 - Cambodia

    Travel by Dart is a series that features countries that are not necessarily top tourist attractions. However, Sorin finds all the hidden gems that make a region stand out.

  • Travel By Dart S01 E12 - Thailand - Part 1

    While blindfolded in Cambodia, Sorin threw the dart at the world map and hit Thailand ("the Land of Smiles"). An incredible journey that spreads throughout two episodes, this adventure features everything you need to know about Thailand and its culture.

  • Travel By Dart S01 E13 - Thailand - Part 2

    The second part of the Thailand visit shows Sorin embracing adventure to the fullest. If you plan to visit this country one day, this is a show to watch.

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